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Canopy Components

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Ref PartNo T Description Note Buy Price *Pic
1 4973846 4973846   Canvas Only Gray 2 BowSun Dolphin, WaterWheeler, AquaToy Sun Dolphin, WaterWheeler, AquaToy  65.00
2 4995262 4995262   Canopy Strap ReplacementWhite - Set of 3, SunDolphin, WaterWheeler, AquaToy, SeaHawk, PlayMate White - Set of 3, SunDolphin, WaterWheeler, AquaToy, SeaHawk, PlayMate  25.00
6186201 6186201   Canopy Strap SetContour (set of 2) - On Backorder Contour (set of 2) - On Backorder     
4 4822566 4822566   Canopy Pad Eye (not shown)Loop on boat - On Backorder Loop on boat - On Backorder     
6 4891150 4891150   Canopy Jaw Slide3/4" Frame Only - On Backorder 3/4" Frame Only - On Backorder     
7 4969159 4969159   Canopy Pole Eye3/4" Frame Only 3/4" Frame Only  3.00
8 4884867 4884867   Canopy Deck Hinge (not shown) - On Backorder - On Backorder     
9 4897123 4897123   Snap (not shown)Used on Cushions and Mooring Cover Used on Cushions and Mooring Cover  1.00

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