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Replacement Parts
We offer a complete line of replacement parts for most pedal boats and small fishing boats. If you do not see what you need on these pages, please call us.

Some manufacturers produce the same model boat in more than one brand name. We have listed all the brand names for each model even if it's the same boat. If your browser is JavaScript enabled, a photo of the boat will appear when you click on the model.
1. Type of Boat
2. Brand / Mfr
3. Model

If it's on our parts list with a price, it is in our warehouse, ready to ship. For our customers in the US and Canada
Online orders process considerably faster than orders placed by phone.
If you are unsure of which older model boat you have,
our Previous Models PhotoID page - (Click Here) may help you find it,
or try using the Serial Number Lookup to find the manufacturer.

Serial Number Lookup
Serial numbers will begin with 3 letters.
Enter the letters in the box to find the manufacturer.
Please note this will not determine the specific model